Friday, January 28, 2011

Making Progress...

 the Installation at Karma Cream is almost finished; go check it out! 'Opening' late next week...

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Squartzine Exhibit Going up in Gainesville!

  Even though Jessie is back in her hometown, Pittsburgh, we have the utmost pleasure of being offered to display our photos and posters at Karma Cream; a late night Organic & Vegan Friendly Coffee and Ice Cream shop in the midtown of Gainesville, FL.
  I started setting up Saturday night, then got a cold that's been going around. So I plan on hanging the rest of the stuff hung by Wednesday and having a 'meet (one of) the artists' type hangout in the shop late next week, so keep an eye out for more info!
  Look for framed 8x10s, 8.5x11 posters, BIG 11x17 posters, as well as postcards and 4x6's. Much of the text of the stencils and slogans are in spanish, and there will be translations posted in english for all of the images displayed, as well as a brief description for some of them. In order to make up the large chunk of money we spent to make the trip, document it, and print it out, not even to mention the money we need to publish a zine-book of our work, everything be available to take home with you for a small fee, as well as available on our website for mail order during and even after the exhibit is on display:
  There are also some of my original posters, paintings, and prints up, but they may only be there for a week, check'em out while you can.
  The more people that come out, see the prints, and take stuff home with them, the warmer Jessie will feel while she's snowed in up in Pennsylvania! We love you Jess!
   Thanks so much, -JB