Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2013 May Day Cafe Showing

It's been a while, but I'm displaying photos and prints from our trip at the May Day Cafe! The showing will be up from Monday March 4th until the end of march.

This show will be featuring: 8x10s and Prints (from postcard to poster) of awesome liberation graffiti and stencil art from Chiapas, ancient ruinas, countryside, and cityscapes from southern Mexico (,,; taken by Jessie and me in 2010; and some from a previous trip I took in 2008.

Posters and Prints of some of my original stencils and paintings; life & travel photos, SQUART Zines, Music, and more.

Some prints will be for display, some for sale, some for free.

The May Day Cafe is open from 8am-6pm every day, and the artwork/prints can be viewed/purchased at anytime.

Join me for a possible hang out/party at the end, details emerging...

Thanks! En lucha y libre

also: The invitation was super short notice, so the first week will be everything I already have made, and the second and third weeks will have a little more, then, there will be none.

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