Journal Pt. 2

the wall at the bus station
San Cristóbal De Las Casas
From the moment we stepped off the bus, we were surrounded by exactly what we were loooking for - stencils and graffiti - with messages of hope and resistance. The weather was great, but we were all at least a little car sick from the long treachoerous bus ride through the mountains. We settled into a hostel and headed out to the streets to assess taking photos and to get some food in us. We stumbled upon a cafe called La Revolution with some stencil art and sweet photos inside and grabbed some coffee and nachos. We all still felt a little busted so we took a siesta then found a great cheap place called Maya Pakal that had a decent vegetarian menu, sipped on some Sopa De Ajo, which was super strong sauteed awesome garlic soup btw,  to settle the stomachs and hit the streets to take in some of the holiday festivities. Not much exciting, just typical adult contemporary bands in the plaza.
to be continued soon...