Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Show!!!

 The first showing of our photos will be Friday, December 3rd at the Autonomous Workshop at Railroad Square in Tallahassee!! We'll be selling prints from postcard size to 11" x 17" as well as crafts handmade by indigenous communities around San Cristóbal. Waldo WildCrafts Collective will also be setting up with some of their lovely DIY crafts.

  Final tallies are in and we've taken 3000 digital photos, 8 rolls of color 35 mm, 7 rolls of black and white 35 mm, and 4 hours of digital video. We're currently in the mad rush of editing digitally in time for the art show on Friday and locking ourselves in the darkroom to make prints. 

  We're also counting down the last hours of our Kickstarter fundraiser. There's a sad but realistic possibility that we're not going to make it. We hope that our kickstarter backers are willing to still support us through the donation button we have on our blogsite here. We're still offering the same rewards that we would have sent through Kickstarter. 

  After the Art Show in Tallahassee we're looking to have another show in Pittsburgh (and wherever else wants to have us) so keep watching for updates. We'll also be focusing on putting the zine itself together. Thanks for all of your support!

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