Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're back in the states! Time to reflect and print...

  With a few close calls of running out of money and nearly missing buses, we made it home!!! The last week in Mexico was a whirlwind. We finished our last shooting session in San Cristobal as well as in the outskirts. We rented a scooter and rode out to El Arcotete and las grutas (caves). On our bus ride out of the city, we were able to take some photos of some Zapatista communities and the murals in the mountains.

  We stopped in Palenque to see the ruins. The grand scale, intricate detail, and ancient age combine for a really incredible impression. Then we took an overnight bus to Merida to meet back up with our friend William. We got there on a Sunday where there was the big Sunday Market. The whole Plaza Mayor is covered in vendors and live music plays all day. While in Merida we also got to go to the annual fair, the ruins at Izamal, and some incredible cenotes nearby. Cenotes are sinkholes carved out of the limestone and filled with water, some shallow enough to swim in.

  Unfortunately the adventures in Mexico had to come to and end,  so we made our way back towards Cancun to catch our flight. We stopped for a night in Tulum to enjoy the beach and then caught a collectivo and a bus to Cancun to fly back to Florida. We're in Orlando back at Tony and Bijou's house and by the weekend we should be back at the farm and starting to edit and print.

  We still need help though! We don't have money to print yet so pass the word! Our first show will be in Tallahassee on Dec. 3rd so if you're nearby, come on out!!

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