Monday, November 1, 2010

San Cristóbal de Las Casas!!

One week and many, many, treacherous (and nauseating) bus rides later, we have started the art and resistance phase of our project!

  We stopped in Merida for a few days to visit our friend William and his family. He introduced us to some of his friends who also showed boundless amounts of generosity. Merida is the heart of the Yucatan and it was the last site of Mayan resistance. 

   We hated to say goodbye but we had to come to San Cristóbal to begin our project. We got on a bus around midnight from Merida to Palenque and then from Palenque we took a crazy ride through the mountains to this beautiful, wonderful, culturally rich city of San Cristóbal! As we stepped off of the bus we were immediately confronted by a wall of graffiti emblazoned with "Libertad!" "EZLN" and other art of the type which we came to find. Every corner hides a stencil or a painted word which captures a moment of political and social history and we are seeking them out everyday!
To preview some of our photos, look at our flickr page and keep following the blog!

PS. Don´t forget to check out our kickstarter and pass the word. We're good at budgeting but we're spending money and not working right now so every donation helps!

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