Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final days in San Cris!

  We're counting down into our final days in San Cristóbal. Its been amazing but freezing cold. Before we leave we plan on renting scooters to ride into the surrounding mountain villages and try to get some shots there. Except in San Juan Chamula, its punishable by imprisonment to take photos so we will have to keep guard on our photo snapping habit. Our Spanish has improved immensely and we're able to find our way around most of San Cris.

   Maya Pedal fell through which we are pretty sad about but we did get to sit in on a meeting of the bike advocacy group Pedalazo and go to an amazing stencil art show and meet some local artists and activists. We're hoping to interview a few of them before we leave. And we've been taking SO MANY PICTURES we can wait to publish them!

  Also, we're still short of our fundraising goal. We pretty much went for broke on this trip and its been totally worth it but we really need help. So if you can, please pass a buck and pass the word!!!

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